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The Descendants of Point Lookout Prisoner of War Organization is a volunteer, historical, patriotic, educational, memorial, unreconstructed, unapologetic, heritage association and IS NOT affiliated with any other organization. Its purpose is to pay homage to Confederate ancestors: military & civilian, men & women, of all races who were POWs at Point Lookout, Maryland 1863-1865.

To join, any/all family members regardless of age has only to submit proof that their Confederate ancestor was in prison at Point Lookout. Send as much as you like, as long as it pertains only to imprisonment. This can be copies of their pension records, excerpts from diaries/letters, when they were mentioned in books/magazines, oaths of allegiance, muster sheets, membership into a UCV camp, etc. We strongly encourage a copy of a picture of your ancestor to be placed with your verification. The ancestor can be grandfather, uncle, or cousin; just as long as the ancestor is blood related to the applicant.

The price to join is $25.00 per year and includes correspondences via E-mail ONLY. (US mail is NOT available). For those who had more than one ancestor at Point Lookout, supplementals can be obtained for $8.00 each, which includes another certificate.

Those members wishing to join our POW re-enactors, Lee’s Miserables, are encouraged to participate at various events to portray actual experiences of our ancestors.

We can provide Point Lookout programs complete with speaker and slides for your historical or civic organization.

“THE PARAPET” is the organization’s bi-monthly unreconstructed newsletter. All news and items of interest should be submitted to the address below. The PARAPET name was chosen because it is the purpose of our newsletter to “overlook the whole camp” and publish all known happenings at Point Lookout that we can possibly learn. Whatever any of us are searching for or have to share about the prison camp, we’re all interested, because Point Lookout touched all our members’ lives. We all have Confederate POW blood flowing in our veins!

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How can I become a Lee's Miserable POW Reenactor?

Guidelines for Lee's Miserables can be found on their section of this web site.

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