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Welcome to the Descendants of Point Lookout POW Organization's Homepage! Currently under reconstruction!'

This site is dedicated to the men, women, and children who were imprisoned / perished at Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates from 1863 to 1865 in the state of Maryland during the War for Southern Independence. Point Lookout was a genocidal, ethnic cleansing, concentration camp filled with federal atrocities that housed over 52,000 Southerners, with a death count of over 14,000.

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Selected Quotes

Gen. Lee surrendered about 26,000 men, of whom only 7,892 were armed....I assert without fear of contradiction that there were more fighting men at the close of the war in Pt. Lookout Prison alone, not to mention Ft. DE, Hart's Island, Johnson's Island, Newport News and other questionable places of amusement, than there were in Lee's whole army at the surrender...Sgt. Charles T. Loehr, Pt. Lookout POW, in an address before Pickett CVCamp, 10/10/1890

Everyone should do all in his power to collect and disseminate the truth, in the hope that it may find a place in history and descend to posterity ... Gen. Robert E. Lee

Nothing fills me with deeper sadness than to see a southerner apologize for the defense we made for our heritage... President Jefferson Davis.

I hold concession or compromise to be fatal. If we concede an inch, concession would follow compromise, until our ranks would be so broken that effectual resistance would be impossible....John C. Calhoun

It is high time that the whole matter is viewed in its true perspective ... Edwin Beitzell

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